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XIIIth edition Classic Olla

With a course of 21,5 kms, the Olla is a mountain race which takes place only on mountain paths. 72% of the course runs over 2700m above sea level. The classic Olla climbs the Puigmal, at 2913 meters, to continue on a descend leading to Pic del Segre, at 2809m. Afterwards the runners will pass the Coll de Finestrelles, where one of the race controls is placed, then they will continue the climb to the peak of Finestrelles, 2827m, to follow to the peak of Eina. After passing the peak of Noufonts the runners will find the control at Coll de Noufonts, 2651m. Finally the runners will climb the Noucreus, 2799m, the Puig de Font Negre 2727m and the Pic de l’Àliga, 2472, arriving at the esplanade in front of the Shrine. The cumulative elevation is 3880m.

SELF-SUFFICIENT race with a technical difficulty that make it demanding, it has amazing views and surroundings.  The Olla aims to be an international race that defends and vindicates the role of the Catalan sport and of Catalonia in the world.

Registrations open in:

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Distance  21’5km.

Elevation gain:

Positive gain of 1940 m and negative gain of 1940 m, therefore the cumulative elevation gain is 3880 m. The lowest point is at 1967m. The highest point is at 2913m. 72% of the course is over 2700m above sea level.


C1: Pic Puigmal closing at 10:35h (compulsory).

C2: Coll de Finestrelles closing at at 11:20h (compulsory).

C3: Coll de Nou fonts closing at 12 :20h (compulsory).

C4: Pic Font Negre

Finish: Esplanade of Núria closing at 14:00h.



Cash prizes for the winners in each category.

Position Men Women
1st 1000 € 1000 €
2nd 700 € 700 €
3rd 300 € 300 €
4th 200 € 200 €
5th 150 € 150 €
From 6th  to 10th 100 € 100 €

 MONTANYÀ Prize to the fastest climb from the Start until C1- Puigmal .

 LASPORTIVA Prize to the segment from C1-Pic Puigmal to C4 Font Negre.

ULTIMATE DIRECTION Prize to the fastest descent from control C4 to the Finish.

Premi PUSHBARS a la Tenacitat.

The first 10 runners of each category are not eligible for the special prizes.

Prize for the first two runners – men or women – from the nation that obtains more points according to the criteria detailed in the race regulations.
The trophee trofeu is located at the Vall de Núria premises.  The winning nation of each edition will be written on a plaque that is placed next to the trophee.

Prize for the 3 first finishers, men or women of the age of 40 or more on the racing day.

Prize for the first 3 finishers, men of women, of the age of 50 or more on the racing day.

REGISTRATIONS FOR XIII OLLA DE NÚRIA (30th and 31st of May 2020)

The organisation of l’Olla de Núria can offer 560 race numbers for l’Olla. The organisation has a reservation of 50 race numbers for members of Unió Excursionista club and 90 starting numbers for the different commitments that organising the race implies.  These reservation will alson include those registered for the combined race “ REOLLA: Vertical + Olla”

Last year race had to be closed at the Coll de Finestrelles due to bad weather and that is why from the organisation we would like to offer early bird registration to all the runners that participated in last year’s race, for this reason on the 4th and 5th of March we will open the registration just for these runners.  You will have these two days to complete the registration.

General registrations will open on thel 6th of March at 20h. and will be closed on the 15th of March at 24h., or when the race numbers are finished. In that case a waiting list will be open to replace possible cancellations. The vacant places will be replaced by the runners in the waiting list until May 31st.

Registrations will be closed on May 31st.

There are two deadlines for the cancellation of the registration:
– Until April 15th, 75% of the registration fee will be returned in case of cancellation.  The cancellation for the combined race will always be for the two races.
– From the 16th to the 30th of April, 50% of the registration fee will be returned in case of cancellation  . The cancellation for the combined race will always be for the two races.  From that date on there will be no more fee returns or cancellations.

The registrations are personal and cannot be transferred to other runners.

There won’t be new resgistrations on race day



Members of Unió Excursionista de Vic with a federation licence 30€
Members of Unió Excursionista de Vic without a federation licence 40€
Non members of Unió Excursionista de Vic with a federation licence 35€
Non members of Unió Excursionista de Vic without a federation licence 45€

The registration for the race entitles you to:

– A return ticket for the rack railway from Queralbs.
– A race package with the bib number and the race chip.
– A race T-shirt.
– A 50% discount in the rack railway ticket.  Each runner will have 4 tickets at a special price.  The week before the race you will receive and email with a form that you will have to print and fill in for each accompanying person.  This form will be needed to but the ticket at a reduced price only at the Queralbs station.
– Access to the race prizes awarded by the organisation.
– Food station and lunch for registered runners.
– Showers, clothes storage and after race massage.
Special offer for the registered runners at Hotel de Núria.


A federation licence issued this year by the FEEC or by a federation recognised by the UIAA, thet insured the High Mountain races is needed. The TRIATLÓ i ORIENTACIÓ card is not valid.

If you do not have any of these licences you should tell the organisation when doing the inscription so that a temporary licence can be issued.



Saturday and Sunday 30th and 31st of May 2020

 The rack railway of La Vall de Núria grants the preservation of the environment in the valley and it is the best way to enjoy the amazing surroundings , making the trip an unforgettable experience.

NOTE:  All the runners will access the rack railway from Queralbs station during all the weekend.

Saturday morning

Olla Vertical

08.10h – Departure of the rack-railway from Queralbs

08.30h – 10.o0h  Collection of bib numbers and race packs

10.30h – Race start

12.00h – Time limit of arrival for Olla Vertical

13.15h – Prizes awards for Olla Vertical

13:30 h– Closing of clothing storage for Olla Vertical

Saturday afternoon

In Núria

16.00 – 17.30 – Trenca L’Olla

17.30 – 18.00 – Collection of special bib numbers

18.00 – 18.15 – Briefing (only for those runners hosted in Núria)

18.30 – 19.30 – Collection of race numbers (only for those runners hosted in Núria)

20.30 – Pasta Party


Access to Núria

06.40h – 7.00h – 7.30h 
Departure of the rack railway from Queralbs. Special convoy for registered runners.

From this time on the timetable will be the official one that appears in the railway website.

Sunday morning

At Núria

07.15h – Collection of bib numbers

08.15h – Opening of the race park

(runners must have all the gels and drinking cans correctly labelled, with the race number, to be able to get into the closed race park)

08.50h – Briefing at the starting line

8.55h – Reading of the manifesto

9.00h – Race start

12.45h – Prize awards

14.30h – closing of the arrival control and clothing storage

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