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Regulations XIII edition Clàssica Olla de Núria


Article 1. The organization of the Olla de Núria race is carried out by l’Unió Excursionista de Vic and Vall de Núria.  The organisation receives the help of volunteers, partners and friends of the Unió Excursionista.

Article 2. The Olla de Núria race is SELF-SUFFICIENT, an individual and national competition, based on the results obtained by the participants on the day of the race.

Article 3.  The Olla de Núria is an international race that defends and vindicates the role of Catalonia and Catalan sport in the world.  The participation is open to all the sportsmen who wish to participate.  All participants may choose to represent the nation with which they feel most identified with, without discrimination of any kind.

Article 4. The race route is 21.5 km, with departure and arrival to Vall de Núria.  The elevation gain is 1940 m and the negative elevation gain is 1940 m, therefore it has a cumulated elevation gain of 3880 m. The lowest point is at 1967 m and the highest point is  2913 m.  72% of the route is above 2700m.

Article 5. The time limit to complete the race is 5 hours.  There is a limit of passage time in three controls of the route; the runner will be disqualified if the limits are surpassed.

Article 6.  During the Olla race the runners, controls, collaborators and public who enjoy and participate in the race will be respected.

Article 7. The Olla race is developed in an environment with exceptional natural and scenic beauty. We promote respect for the flora and fauna.  It is forbidden to throw waste along the route and runners must follow the marked route. The marking of the route will be done on foot, the day before the race and will be dismounted the same day of the race. Pet animals must be tied according to the rules of the natural park.

Article 8.  The organization will use whenever possible recycled or reused material. It will reduce the consumption of paper by making most communications using electronic support.

Article 9. All riders of the race must comply with the conditions established in these regulations.


Article 10. The minimum age to participate in the Olla de Núria is 18.  All runners must be 18 years old or older on the day of the race.

Article 11. Participants must be prepared for the demanding aspects of the race.

Article 12.  Corridors must have a valid federative license covering the Mountain races.

Article 13.  Registrations and cancellations will be made through the procedure established by the organization of the race, previously published on the race website.

Click here to see the Link to Registrations to Olla clàssica

Article 14.  The registrations are personal and non-transferable. On the day of the race there will be no new registrations.

Article 15. All participants, on the day of the race, must present the federation license approved for high mountain races and accompanied by the ID card or any other identification document, when collecting the bib number.

Article 16. The participants who need a temporary federation card must present their ID card or any other personal identification document, when collecting the number.

Article 17. Before the departure there will be a control to access the closed park, where several items will be verified:  Bib number, compulsory material, supplies of material duly marked with the bib number and validated race chip.

Article 18. All the runners will have to take the material detailed below to complete the race:

  • Compulsory material: Sweat long sleeved jacket
  • Recommended materials:  Thermal blanket, mobile phone, long sport tights, gloves, sunglasses and tubular.
  • Nutrition recommended by a nutritionist to perform the race successfully:
      • Minimum: 0’75 litres of isotonic drink and 2 energy bars (40 grams) + 1 glucosate gel (30 grams)..
      • Ideal amounts for each estimated hour of race: 0.5 litres of isotonic drink and 1 energy bottle (40 grams) / 1 glucosate gel (30 grams) / 1 handful of nuts / 5 integral cookies

Article 19. The runner must validate the timing in each of the control checks and at the arrival with the timing system provided by the organization.

Article 20. The corridor may receive external assistance (supplies: food and drink) during the race, only in the control locations, always respecting the environment.

Article 21. The corridor must wear the bib number, visible on the front and without any modification.

Article 22. There will be a single departure, men and women all together from the esplanade in front of the Santuari of Vall de Núria.

Article 23. All the participants will respect the indications given by any member of the organization of the race. In case of disobeying the security guidelines indicated by the organization, the corridor will be disqualified from the race.

Article 24. All participants must comply with the limit established in each of the controls. Otherwise, you will need to follow the instructions given by the organization’s controls.

Article 25. The disqualification of a runner will take place when some of these situations occur:

The runner is not registered in all the controls

The runner exceed the time limits of passage in one of the controls

The runner is not respectful with the other runners, judges, controls and organization The runner does not help anyone who needs it or does not inform the closest control

The runner doesn’t follow the marked route (shortening it),

The runner does not carry the correct and compulsory material for the mountain race The runner is not respectful with the environment

The runner does not wear the bib number or it has been modified

The runner jumps the start signal

The runner uses any other means of transport or locomotion throughout or part of the route.


Article 26. The runner who decides to withdraw from the race must notify the control closest to the place of retirement, and go to the control at the arrival.

Article 27. All participants will authorize the organization and its sponsors to use and publish any photograph or video recorded during the race.

Article 28. The runner shall exempt the organizers from liability in the event of accident, injury or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Article 29. In the event of bad weather there may be variation of the original route of l’Olla with possible descends duly signposted at Vall de Finestrelles, Vall de Noufonts or Vall de Noucreus, or any other alternative route.

Article 30. In case of major force, the organization may decide the changes it deems most appropriate.



Article 31. The corridor will have a clothes storage service provided by the organization, where you will be able to leave a bag with its visible number (system facilitated by the organization).  All this material will be stored securely and delivered to the corridor upon arrival. The closing time for the storage service will be at 2:30 p.m., if the materials have not been collected by this time, it will be necessary to go to the information office in Vall de Núria.

Article 32.  At the arrival the runner will have a supply with drinks and food, only exclusive for runners.

Article 33. There will be a member of the race organization at the arrival to handle complaints, incidents, etc. Claims can be submitted to the judges of the race, until one hour after closing the arrival control .

Article 34. The runner who has not participated in the race and has not cancelled the registration can pick up the corridor’s bag once the race has finished and presenting an accreditation of the registered corridor, or he can pick it up at the office of the Unió Excursionista de Vic until 15 days after the race.


Article 35. Individual Classifications:

Three categories are established: senior men and women (18 to 39 years old), veterans (40 to 50 years old) and a masters (50 years or older).

Article 36. Classification Trophy of the Nations:

This classification will be based on the Nation that each one of the runners has chosen during the registration. To establish this classification, the points obtained by the two best runners in each nation will be added, regardless of whether they are men or women.

Article 37.  Score for the classification of the trophy of the nations:

The race score will be the following:

1st position 100 points

2nd position 85 points

3rd position 75 points

4th position 70 points

5th position 66 points

6th position 64 points

From the fifth place, the points will be lowered two points, until reaching the 2 points mark.  Therefore all who finish the race, at least will obtain 2 points.

In the event of a tie, the nation that has obtained more places on the individual podiums will win.  If the tie persists, the best classification of the third runner of each nation will be taken into account and if the tie persists, the fourth runner and so on until the tie breaks. If the tie persists, after adding the points of the runners of the tied nations, they would be given winners in ex-aequo.

Article 38. Penalties for the classification of the trophy of the nations:  If two or more runners arrive to the finish line “hand in hand”, the points they obtain will be distributed among the runners involved. For example: two runners reach the finish line in the first position under the conditions described, they will not get 100 points each, will add (100 + 85 = 185) and the total points corresponding to their results will be distributed among them (185/2 = 92 rounding it down, for each one).

Article 39. The organization will hold an awards ceremony. The categories and schedules will be published on the web. In the event of having to change the route of the Olla de Núria either for bad weather or for major causes, the prizes will be given in cash provided there are race classifications, either reflecting the time of passage at the controls or at the arrival.

Article 40. The organization reserves the right to modify these regulations, notifying in advance any modification to it.

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